SHOT Show 2014 is history and I have to say that this SHOT show was far and away the very best show that I have experienced in my seven years working for TruckVault and attending the show. From the very beginning, crowds of attendees mobbed the TruckVault booth keeping all of us busy demonstrating both our TruckVault, New Prisoner Partition and ShotLock Products. The installation of the TruckVault in the 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe was a huge hit with everyone who visited us and the upgrade to our Table Extension Option got plenty of attention.
This year, TruckVault was very proud to introduce Ms. Kim Rhode, five time Olympic Medalist and 14 time National Trap and Skeet Shooting Champion to our customers. Kim spent at least one hour each day with us signing autographs and talking with her fans. Kim brought along her Olympic Medals and gave her fans an opportunity to try them on and be photographed with her and the medals. It was truly a thrill for every one of us at TruckVault and for all of our customers and Kim’s fans. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Kim as she works and trains for the upcoming World Trap and Skeet Championship as well as the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
It seems that, every year at SHOT show we have at least one or more celebrities stop at the booth and this year was no exception. A real personal thrill for me was a visit by the #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, Brad Thor. Brad has been called “the master of thrillers,” “as current as tomorrow’s headlines,” “quite possibly the next coming of Robert Ludlum,” and “America’s favorite author.” Brad spent some time talking with me and discussing the TruckVault that we had on display in our 2014 Tahoe. As I said, it was a real pleasure to have Brad stop by our booth and discover that he is a fan of TruckVault. Almost forgot. Rumor has it that Scot Harvath (Brad’s recurring character) will have a TruckVault very soon. Just rumor, but you will have to read Brad’s upcoming titles to find out.
Best Regards and thanks to everyone who made SHOT show a great experience again this year.


TruckVault at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show

Once again this year, TruckVault will be exhibiting at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas Nevada. SHOT Show this year will be held January 14 – 17 with show hours 8:30 – 5:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and 8:30 – 4:00 on Friday.
We will once again be exhibiting in the Sands Expo Center Booth Number 12879 which is located along the rear wall of the Exhibit Hall. Our new Chevrolet Tahoe will be there with us and will be equipped with the latest in TruckVault innovations. We will also bring along some of our ShotLock Products which will include the brand new ShotLock solution for AR frame rifles.
Each day beginning at 8:30 Kim Rhode, American Skeet Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist from Team Berretta will be at our booth for one hour so be sure to stop by and see Kim.
As always, we look forward to meeting with all of our friends and customers both present and future and we will be happy to spend as much time as you need discussing the TruckVault family of products.

SHOT Show, January 15 – 18, 2013

It is time once again for the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and TruckVault will be on hand with our brand new TruckVault Police Pursuit SUV which will is all decked out with lighting and a complete vehicle wrap with the TruckVault logo, etc. At TruckVault, we have been working very hard on a solution that would allow access to the spare tire in the Pursuit SUV while still permitting the installation of a full length TruckVault in the cargo compartment and we have finally found one. This new innovation will be installed in our display vehicle and we hope that all of our Law Enforcement Friends and Customers who have been asking for this product stop by to see us. In addition to the new lift device, we will be featuring special pricing of $99.00 plus shipping on our popular ShotLock Products that you will be able to order at the show.

The newest member of the TruckVault Team, Rafael Estrada, who will be working as the International Sales Manager for Latin America and assisting both Patricia Pienta and I with International Sales will be on hand to discuss TruckVault Distributorship Opportunities with International Visitors from Spanish Speaking Countries. If you are attending the SHOT Show and are interested in a Distributorship Opportunity either Domestically or Internationally, Rafael and I will be happy to meet with you during the show.

TruckVault will be setup in Booth Number 12879 and looking forward to seeing you there and don’t forget that this is a good time to get a great price of $99.00 plus shipping on any ShotLock product.  That is a savings of $70.00 on each ShotLock.


The Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

First and foremost, I must admit that this is the most difficult Blog entry that I have written. I have wrestled with the words for over a week and, no matter what I write it will forever seem insignificant and unimportant because I will never be able to comprehend the loss and grief of the families of the twenty six victims of this terrible tragedy. I do know that I speak for every person who works for TruckVault when I say that we extend our heartfelt sympathy to the families and friends of every victim as well as to the people of the Sandy Hook Community.

When I watch the news and see the faces of the victims, my heart breaks knowing that this tragedy need to have never occurred in a nation that is blessed with the resources to treat any person who suffers from mental illness. From all of the news reports and information available, it has become increasingly clear that the perpetrator of this incident had been displaying a propensity for violent behavior for some time or at least had the capability to carry out violent acts. The opportunity for him to receive intensive treatment was there and, for some unknown reason, he did not receive the treatment required to prevent him from acting out. Who knew about the mental illness and who failed to act to ensure that this man be treated properly? I don’t know and I won’t even speculate but I can tell you who is responsible for him being in possession of the firearms he took to the Sandy Hook School and that would be his Mother. His Mother knew he was unstable and could possibly act out in a violent manner and still, she failed to secure or disable the firearms that she kept in her home. Securing or disabling firearms takes very little time and very little effort but is a sure way of preventing them from falling into the hands of someone who will use them improperly. In the case of the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook School Tragedy, the failure to properly secure or disable the firearms was second only to the failure to have him treated or even committed for treatment of his mental illness. Either the mental health treatment, the securing of those firearms or both could very possibly have prevented this horrible tragedy.

For my part, I want to acknowledge the First Responders and all of Law Enforcement Professionals who I know beyond any doubt would have paid any price to have been in a position to have prevented this tragedy. In the wake of a most terrible day and terrible time, they continue to perform their duties in an efficient and compassionate manner. This is what the public expects of them but believe me, when they go home at night; they cry real tears and hug their families just a little tighter. I know, I have been there and I pray that all of them find peace.

TruckVaults Upcoming Trade Shows

The Trade Show Season has begun and TruckVault will be in attendance at three of the largest Trade Shows happening this year in the U.S.

Our first show will be the FedFleet 2012 show which will be held at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The Exhibit Hall will open on June 25 and will close on June 27. The FedFleet show is attended by Fleet Managers and Executives from various Agencies throughout the Federal Government both Domestic and International. If you are attending FedFleet 2012, please stop by at Booth Number 234 to see the latest TruckVault innovations for Secure In-Vehicle Storage.

The second show on our schedule is the National Technical Investigators Association (NATIA) held at the Austin Texas Convention Center, Austin Texas. Exhibit dates are July 10 -12. Due to the confidential nature of the equipment exhibited at this show attendance at the show is restricted to Exhibitors and NATIA Members. If you are member of NATIA and you are planning to attend the show, please stop by the TruckVault booth for some special information regarding storage of your confidential equipment.

Our final major show of the season will be the International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP) Conference and Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition which will be held at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego California. Exhibit Hall Dates for this show will be September 30 to October 2. TruckVault will be exhibiting our newest addition, a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor SUV that will be equipped with TruckVaults latest innovations in Secure In-Vehicle Storage. Our booth number for this show will be 5917 which is located in the Vehicle and Vehicle Equipment Section of the Exhibit Hall. We are looking forward to seeing all of our friends and also to making new friends during this show. Everyone from TruckVault who works this show with me accuses me of using the opportunity as a homecoming of sorts because so many of my friends from my days with the Pennsylvania State Police stop by to visit. This of course, is one of my favorite shows of the year and, as always, I will be looking forward to seeing everyone and spending time with you at the show.

Even as we are completing plans for the above shows, we are working on plans for the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our plans for SHOT are to have our Ford Police Interceptor SUV with us as well as displays by some of our Partners. The SHOT Show 2013 will be held January 15 -18 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Looking forward to seeing you there.


TruckVault Goes International

With the addition of Ramora UK as a Dealer/Distributer, TruckVault, Inc. has gone international. This past week I had the pleasure of visiting with the Executives and Staff of Ramora UK at their offices and training facility in Portsmouth England. In addition I was given the opportunity to assist Dave Welch, Managing Director of Ramora and three of his staff members in presenting TruckVault at the 2012 Counter Terror Expo held at the Olympia in London.

The interest in TruckVault was outstanding with representatives of the Governments of the UK, Europe and the Middle East in attendance. Both days of the Expo presented us with non-stop attendance at the Ramora booth which was populated by Dave Welch’s Range Rover equipped with a custom made TruckVault Command Center.

If you have an interest in TruckVault products, please call Ramora UK at  08454 608911 (UK) or +44 (0) 2392 285270 (International) or email at


Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show 2012

Now that things have settled down for me following two weeks on the West Coast, it is time to report on the TruckVault experience at the 2012, SHOT Show.

Setting up at the show was quite an experience seeing as though we were not scheduled into the show venue until 10:00 PM the night before the show began but with the help of our friends at the Las Vegas PD SWAT who kindly provided a vehicle for our display and our Sales and Marketing Director, Don Fenton, I was able to get things close to completed before we had to get some sleep so we could function the next day at the show.

From the beginning of the show until the very minute of the last day, we were so busy with attendees visiting our booth that we barely had time to breathe, much less have lunch or any down time whatsoever. The big draw was obviously the huge Ford Excursion (which many of our visitors offered to buy right off the show floor) which Las Vegas PD uses as a tactical response vehicle during SWAT incidents. The vehicle was equipped with a custom made TruckVault with all of the bells and whistles that we could fit into it which made for an impressive display.

We met many of our customers and many people who we hope will become customers in the future. We gave out over 1,100 Catalogs and 500 Show Flyers in the four days of the show and, as I indicated above, there was rarely a time when we were not busy. We had visits with citizens of foreign nations who displayed an interest in becoming TruckVault Distributors and we will be working to increase our International exposure as we move forward.

To everyone who stopped by our booth, thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you at the SHOT show in January 2013.


Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT), January 17-20, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada

It is time again for the SHOT Show and TruckVault will be exhibiting at the show in booth number 12879. We invite all of our current and future customers to visit with us. This year we will be displaying one of our Custom Command Centers in a Las Vegas Police Department SWAT vehicle. This Command Center is equipped with our Technology Package, In-Drawer Lighting and our Electronic Lock Package as well as several other options. In addition to the Custom Command Center we will be displaying the ShotLock family of solo gun vaults. This year we are introducing our ShotLock for full frame handguns. This ShotLock has the capacity to secure any firearm up to the size of the 1911 frame.

Our booth will be manned by Al Chandler, CEO of TruckVault, Don Fenton, Sales and Marketing Director and Rick Zenk, International Sales Representative.

During the show we will be seeking Companies to represent TruckVault in Foreign Countries. We have prepared an International Distributorship Packet that provides information regarding our International Sales Program. If your Company is interested in representing us on an International basis, please stop by our booth and speak to Rick.

We look forward to renewing acquaintances with our old friends and to meeting new friends. Hope to see you at the show.


Iraq, What a Waste

Yesterday, I was perusing several news sites on the web and I came across a report that the citizens of Fallujah, Iraq were celebrating the departure of US Troops by burning US Flags and the Flags of our Allies. The article was accompanied by two photographs depicting thousands of Iraqis in the streets of Fallujah burning flags and celebrating. Today, I read a news report that there was only a token attendance by Iraqi Government Officials at the ceremony in Bagdad which signaled the end of US presence in the Country of Iraq.

Nearly 4,500 or our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen were killed and 32,000 wounded during the ten years of hostilities. The cost to the U.S. — more than $800 billion and what did we get for it? Not even the gratitude of a population that our brave men and women rescued from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and his sadomasochistic Sons and Supporters. The people of Iraq are celebrating our departure and desecrating the Flags under which the Brave fought and died. We took nothing from these people. Not a drop of their oil and not a penny in payment for all that we did but, then again, I am sure we did not expect any of that just as we did not expect it in every other war where we saved Nations from the slavery of dictators. The people of Iraq who celebrate the departure of the people who have protected them for ten years do not deserve so much as a backward glance from our brave Troops as they depart.

Now, to make something clear; I am a United States Marine having served from 1965 to 1969. I served 13 months in the Republic of South Vietnam. I am not an anti-war advocate and I believe very strongly in the Right and the Might of the United States of America and I believe that we should protect the people of this world from tyranny and oppression. But, I also believe that the people who benefit from the protection of this great Republic, at the very least, owe our Brave Warriors a certain measure of gratitude. There are thousands of Mothers, Fathers, Wives and Children in this Country who go to bed every night and cry because their Hero sacrificed his or her life for an ungrateful people. There are also thousands of wounded Warriors who suffer every day with the physical and mental pain caused by the wounds they received protecting those same ungrateful people. To those people, the employees of TruckVault say, Thank You. We all know that those words will never, ever be enough to alleviate your pain and suffering but please know that we are with you in spirit and it is far more than you will get from the ungrateful Iraqis.


TruckVault Could Use Some Help

As most of you are probably aware by now, Ford Motor Company is discontinuing the Crown Victoria. The Police Vehicle that we all have come to love over the years. From listening to Police Chiefs and others at the recent IACP Conference, the new Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is going to be the replacement vehicle of choice for most Chiefs and Fleet Managers.

The Explorer will certainly provide you with sufficient storage space for all of the equipment that you are required to carry on a daily basis but, when it comes to installing a TruckVault or other storage system in the vehicle, interference with access to the spare tire becomes an issue. I, for one, believe that cops should not be out alongside the road changing tires because a Police Officer changing a tire alongside a road is also called a magnet for other vehicles and it is a dangerous situation. But, there are some Departments who have advised us that they must have access to the vehicle’s spare tire and we will do everything we can to provide that access while still providing them with the best and most secure storage we can.

TruckVault has developed a smaller TruckVault unit that installs behind the spare tire access panel but that unit is smaller than we would like and may not give you the storage space you need. If we build a TruckVault that utilizes all of the available space in the Explorer’s cargo area, our unit will sit atop the lift cover for the spare tire which would require removal or lifting of the TruckVault to access the spare tire.

Here are our questions for you:
1. In your Department, do you change flat tires or do you call a tow service or other person to do that for you and does that person bring a spare tire or utilize the on-board spare?

2. If you change your own flats and you have a storage system in place that covers the spare tire acess, would you have any objection to removing or lifting the storage unit to access the spare tire?

3. If you look at the attached photo you will see the current TruckVault solution for the Explorer that allows access to the spare tire. The size of the TruckVault in the photo is 32″ Long, 39.5″ Wide and 13″ High.  Does this TruckVault provide you with sufficient storage space for your every day gear?

Last but not least we would appreciate any ideas that you may have regarding secure in-vehicle storage for the Explorer Police Interceptor or any other vehicle for that matter. This is not a sales pitch and you don’t even need to give us your name or email address but, if you choose to do that and we use your idea, we will give you full credit if you would like. Our goal here is to give you the equipment you need to do your job in a safe and secure manner. If you are not familiar with TruckVault Products you can visit our website at

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.